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Fall - October 12-14, 2024 - Maimarkt area

Exhibitors at Mannheim

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You can reserve your VETERAMA stand at the Maimarkt area Mannheim here.

To register for your stand at the spare parts market in the outdoor area or in the hall, please select: CAR + MOTORBIKE / PARTS STAND.

If you want to offer a complete vehicle, please select MARKETPLACE / COMPLETE VEHICLES. If you would like to showcase an especially chic vehicle, select SHOW ARENA.


Registration for the PARTS MARKET DOES NOT INCLUDE AN EXHIBITOR'S WRISTBAND. You will need to calculate the size of your stand to ensure that your vehicle fits on the stand. We do not have any other options for parking on the exhibition site. You will need an entrance sticker for every vehicle (car / outdoor area).

Please note that your right to have the same stand as in previous years as a regular exhibitor is only valid up until May 6, 2024. If your registration is received after this date, you may have to be assigned to a new space. Regular spaces can only be allocated if you accept the same size as before. A request to have a larger space can initially only be registered as a "wish". Please register for your regular space in good time so that new exhibitors at Veterama can also be taken into account.

Please fill in all the fields in the registration form.

Any exhibitors who take down their stand before 4:00 pm on Sunday will lose their right to have the same space again at future events and will be liable to pay a fine for breach of contract of 50% of their stand fee. When stands are taken down early, it is damaging to Veterama's image and is annoying to other traders and to visitors to Veterama. Taking down your stand early is also in breach of Veterama’s General Terms and Conditions.


On the Veterama "MARKETPLACE", exhibitors can offer complete vehicles for sale, but they must be at least 25 years old. These vehicles can be presented in the outdoor area or in the hall / pits. The price for exhibiting in the marketplace applies to a vehicle and its driver. Additional persons require a further exhibitor's wristband. Camper vans are not allowed. Staying overnight and selling spare parts on the marketplace are likewise forbidden. Please put the For Sale sign in the vehicle so that it is clearly visible.

Your Registration

  1. Please register contemporary.
  2. Please note that no personal tickets are included in the stand booking for the parts market on the outdoor area or in the hall.
  3. You have the option of securing your own „regular spot“ booking when you register for VETERAMA events.
  4. You will not be able to vacate your spot before Sunday at 4 pm.
  5. Once you have received your registration, you will receive a confirmation. As soon as your stand is registered you will receive an invoice.
  6. Parking space is only available for exhibitors in the hall. Open Air Exhibitors have to place their vehicles on the booth

Standplatz für Ersatzteile, Werkzeuge und Zubehör rund um das rostigste Hobby der Welt.

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Stand Hall
2m x 2,5m
Stand - Open Air
Base unit minimum 4m x 5m
Additional space
2m x 5m
Exhibitor Pass
= Armband, gültig für die gesamte Veranstaltungsdauer.
Jeder Standinhaber / Helfer des jeweiligen Standes braucht ein eigenes Armband.
Car Ticket
Aussteller auf dem Freigelände müssen Fahrzeuge mit auf dem Standplatz unterbringen.
Für Aussteller in der Halle steht ein Parkplatz zur Verfügung.
Jedes Fahrzeug, mit dem auf das Gelände gefahren wird, benötigt ein Autoticket.

Stellplatz für den Verkauf von Komplettfahrzeugen (Auto und / oder Motorrad)

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Freigelände: Auto 80,- € (inkl. 1 Person) / Motorrad 40,- € (inkl. 1 Person)
Halle: 100,- € (inkl. 1 Person)

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